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ICAN Planet Presents

‘The Big Awakening Conference 2011’

The ultimate truth conference of the age. In the midst of an immense spiritual awakening, more and more people are questioning the orthodox way of life.

Even those that never suspected an aspect of conspiratorial control within the system of our society are beginning to see beneath the veil of lies and deceit.

Too long has mankind been a victim of hierarchical wickedness & trickery, and too long have we been pawns in a progressive creep towards our own enslavement.

But the internationalist cabal of banksters, gangsters and downright evil tyrants will not succeed with their plans for global domination.

The waves of unity consciousness are raising their vibratory rate as we approach the end of a great universal cycle, the sleeping giants are emerging from their slumber with eyes wide open and hunger in their hearts for the truth.


In this extremely exciting time, we are celebrating the gift of being alive on planet earth, each of us being instrumental in this great spiritual revolution and great psychological battle against evil.

With a line up of incredible speakers each with a unique blend of knowledge, wisdom & solutions, We bring to you

‘The Big Awakening’

June 18th 2011

10am – 10pm

Middleton Arena Manchester

M24 1AG


Michael Tsarion

Pierre Sabak

Ian R Crane

Lee David

Robert Green

Tickets Available Now At  www.icanplanet.com

Remember, In order to beat the beast you must know the beast and to know the beast, you must know the truth.

Only the truth will set you free



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